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Jamison Handcrafted Bedding

Jamison Handcrafted Mattress

Enjoy the Quality of a great night sleep with a Jamison Handcrafted mattress. The Jamison Mattress is one of the most respected bedding manufactures in the United States, and the most popular among the Hospitality and Resort Industries.

Jamison Handcrafted Mattresses have a New Memory Rest made with Viscoelastic memory foam to give you the comfort associated with a healthy life.  The Memory Rest's exclusive memory foam cells are engineered to conform with ones exact sleep position.

This exceptional mattresses eliminate pressure points and return to their original shape after being used. This technology sets a new standard to ones memorable and healthy sleep.


If you're like most people, you spend one-third of your life in bed, so spend it on a quality innerspring, commercial-grade mattress. Enjoy healthy sleep that supports your active life, and improves your quality of health and energy. Prices run as follows for our different options: 

Jamison Royal Palm Mattress

Royal Palm Pillow Top
The Royal Palm Pillow Top stands out on our sales floor for two reasons:

  • It's a two-sided pillow top (you don't see those too often, anymore!)
  • This pillow top has luxurious gray Micro Suede fabric - you'll be tempted to skip the sheets!

Fabric: Comfort Thermo Micro Suede Fiber - This luxurious fabric catches our customers' eyes when they walk in our showroom. You'll be tempted to skip the sheets, but we recommend against it!

Comfort Layers:
Quilted to 5/8" Support Foam and 5/8" Super Soft Foam, Safe Slumber Fire Retardant System

Pillow Top Layer: 7/8" Support Foam

Support Layers: 1" Support Pad

Support Unit: Duraspring Elite Coils Contract Support System (14.5 gauge) 268 coils in twin size, 396 coils in full size, 504 in queen, and 648 in king size. Duraspring coils are Bonnell Coils, the oldest mattress coil in production and the most cost-effective to produce. Bonnell coils are often found in value bedding, but they are still very tough and long-lasting. Bonnell coils are hourglass in shape. The wide part of the hourglass is more flexible and allows your body to sink in where weight is applied, while the more tightly woven, thin part of the hourglass provides the deep support for the mattress. Generally, adults should look for a mattress with at least 500 coils. Bonnell coils have more motion transfer than wrapped coil mattresses.

Enhanced Steel Support Foundation The Semi-flex foundation has a rigid metal wire grid that allows some "give" but maximizes support for the mattress.

Jamison Marabella TT

Jamison Marabella TT

  • Features
  • Features

Jamison Marrbella Pillow Top

Jamison Marabella PT
Double-sided for longer life, this mattress features circulation enhancing Copper latex foams supported by a high profile Duraspring Elite Plus coil system.

  • Part of the Resort Hotel collection
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Coil Count Base (Queen): 805
  • Coil System: Duraspring Elite Coil System
  • Mattress Edge: Premium Foam Encasement
  • Profile/Height: 14"
  • Mattress Edge: Premium Foam Encasement
  • Profile/Height: 14"
  • Mattress Top
  • Pillow Top
  • Warranty: 10 Year Full Non-Prorated
  • Flippable
  • Double Sided: Yes
  • Mattress Padding: Copper Infused Latex

Jamison Factory Select

Jamison Factory Select

  • Features
  • Features

Care Instructions for Your New Mattress
Always use a stain-resistant, waterproof mattress protector on your new mattress.
Rotate AND FLIP your new mattress head to foot every 2 weeks for the first 3 months. Rotate every 3 months thereafter. This will ensure that the comfort materials settle evenly. 
Use a proper bed frame or support with your new mattress set. Failing to do so may void your warranty.

*Please call us for pricing and product details*